The first thing you need to do is set up your webcam; then you can add stuff on.

Adding the webcam as a Source.

Inside OBS, look at the Scene window, and click on the “+”

(You’ll see my other scenes already there …)

In the sources box, click the “+”
Then select “Video Capture Device”
I was inspired. I named mine “Webcam.”
You should see your webcam show up in the “Device” list.  Then click “OK”.
The challenge is that the window does not fill the screen.  Use the red rectangle to resize.  You can also drag it around.  Fix it so it fills the entire screen.
It should now look like this.  The problem is that it’s not mirrored.
Select the Webcam in the “Source” list.
Right click, select “Transform -> Flip Horizontal”.

Now your webcam is flipped, and will behave like a mirror.  This sets up everything properly for all the other things you want to do.

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