My Story

I have built many things from many materials.  I’ve run a sawmill, I’ve built timberframes. I’ve welded, sweated pipe, and forged steel. I’ve sewn stuffed animals, and I’ve hand-stitched quilts. I’ve built cabinets and other assorted furniture.

I’ve gutted bathrooms, pumped out basements, and snaked out clogged drains. I’ve dug ditches and planted trees. I’ve grown vegetables, and I’ve canned fruit.

I have climbed Mount Whitney, biked up Mount Washington, and I actually walked to school when I was a kid. I can sail, and I can drive a stick shift.

I read voraciously. I love to laugh, and sarcasm is a service that I occasionally offer.

My only hobby is in learning new hobbies.

I am frustrated with slow and inefficient things. I constantly search for The Better Way.

Bill (who works hard to buy wine for Amy)