First, I am assuming you have set up your webcam, and you can already see yourself in the window.

If you haven’t set up your webcam, read this post first:

Now, let’s add the video, and set up the hotkeys to control.

You should already have a scene, with the webcam as a source.
In the Sources box, click the “+”, then select “Media Source”
I named mine “Patrick Graybill video” (because that’s who this is)
Then I select the video from Finder, click “OK”
Using the red frame, you can move it, and adjust the size.  If you “miss” and lose the red rectange, you can get it back by highlighting “Patrick Graybill video” (or the name of your video) in the Sources box.
Now we need to control the video.  We add Hotkeys to do this.  Select “Settings” (lower right corner of the OBS window).
Select “Hotkeys”, and scroll down until you see the “Patrick Graybill Video”
I decided to use the space to start/stop the video, and the “Command” key (⌘) to restart.  You can see me controlling the Patrick Graybill video in my demonstration video below.

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