This process has been superceded by another, easier process.  You can find that information here:

Using Google shared documents allows both people to participate in the review and editing process.

Adding in OBS and the Lightboard provides an intuitive, interactive way to discuss the document.

You can project the document on the screen, discuss, and by using the Lightboard, mark it up.

1. First, set up OBS.

Inside OBS, look at the Scene window, and click on the “+”

(You’ll see my other scenes already there …)

If you’ve already built other scenes, you can copy the sources over from that scene.  Go to a different scene, and look at the sources:
Right-click on the “Webcam” – and then select “Copy”
Go back to the Google Shared Doc scene. You’ll see that there are no “sources”.
Right-click in the Sources window, and select “Paste – Reference”
You’ll see “Webcam” added to the Sources, and you’ll see yourself in the main window.

2. Now let’s set up the Google Doc.

I set up a shared doc that anyone can get into, so you can see what the results look like.  You’ll only be able to View, not Edit.  But this might save you some time.

But let’s assume you’re starting from scratch.

Open a new (or existing) Google Doc.  It is (initially) easier if this is in its own browser window, not a tab with a bunch of other stuff.

Important note: Set the size of the window to be what is comfortable for working. It can be awkward to resize the window later!

On the Google shared doc menu, select File -> Page Setup       
Click “Page color” and then select the black circle (top left).

You’ll see that black is selected as the page color.  Your entire document background will go black.

But now your text (which was black) has disappeared. We need to make that visible.

Click “OK”.

On the main Google doc menu: Edit -> Select all.

All of the text in your document will be highlighted.

On the top menu of the Google doc, select “Text color”
Then choose white.
All of the text is now visible.

3. Now, we bring the document into OBS.

Go back to the Sources window. We are going to add a new Source.  Click on the “+”.        
Select “Window Capture” (NOT “Browser”!)
Name your window. This is what will appear in the Sources list.  Click “OK”
Select the window that has the Student Shared Doc. You’ll see a bunch of other stuff – ignore it.
You’ll see the window pop up.  Click “OK”.

The shared doc appears in the main window.

But now we have three problems:

  1. It’s too big, and probably in the wrong place
  2. There’s a lot of unnecessary stuff in window – the menus, etc.  We only want to see the text.
  3. It’s not transparent.

Resize the window by using the red dots in the corner of the rectangle that is around it.  You can move the rectangle by dragging it.

If you accidentally “miss” and lose the red rectangle (it happens) then select the window again in the Source box, and it will reappear.  Size the window so that it fits nicely on your screen.  You can always resize it again later.

It should end up looking something like this.
Now, right-click on the Source “Student Shared Doc”, and select “Filters”. We’re going to add two filters to this source.
Click on the “+”, and select Crop/Pad.
Click “OK”.

This is where your judgement comes in.  You increase the crop on all four sides, until all the white is gone.  You can also increase it on the left and right to reduce the margins.  This is an example of what I got.  Your numbers will likely be slightly different.

Click “Close”.

Right-click on the Shared Doc source again, and add another filter.
Click the “+” sign to add another filter.
This time, select “Luma Key”
Click “OK”.
You’ll see that the background has disappeared.  Perfect.
You now have an included shared Google Doc, with a cropped frame, and a transparent background!

This is what your entire screen should look like:

Note that resizing your Google Shared Doc will result in the cropped frame messing up in OBS.  So, try to avoid doing that.

You can type into the Google shared doc, and it will be reflected in the OBS window. If another participant edits the doc, then that, too, will show up.

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