Connecting to Zoom with OBS is easy, but there’s a few hoops you have to jump through in both OBS, and in Zoom.

Let’s get started.

1. First, we need to configure OBS by installing a “virtual camera”.

You only do this one time. After installing the plug-in, just go directly to step two, below.

This basically emulates another camera on your system; different applications can then select the OBS camera as their input.

If you have a Mac, then go here:

You’ll see the file listing for the .PKG; click on that file, and download and install.

Note: As more releases are updated, the page at that link will change.  Always use/download/install the most recent version.

If you use a PC, go here:

Then click on “Download” and install.

2. When we’re ready to start our Zoom conference, we need to configure OBS to output the virtual camera:

Inside OBS, select “Tools -> Start Virtual Camera”

3. Now, open Zoom:

The Zoom window opens.  Don’t start your conversation yet…
From the menu, select “Preferences”
Then “Video”

Then where it says “Camera” – select “OBS virtual camera”

Close the Settings dialog box, and you can begin your conversation.

Everything that you display in your OBS window will be shown in the Zoom box.

Yes, your Zoom window will appear to be “reversed” – but it will appear correct to the viewer.

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